Tuesday, 31 December 2013

He likes interpretive dance ......

He loves icing and sprinkles lol ( that bad haircut....TOTALLY my fault) 

Loves Tegan and Sarah....

He's very into current events.....

Boxes.....he likes boxes lol

Some of August's favourite things ;)

He loves his biker Grandpa...lol

He loves making messes....

He's into extreme sports.....LOL

Monday, 30 December 2013

Facebook posts....old & new

Having kids is amazing as it is, but an added benefit is the stuff that they say. This blog, for me is a little online time capsule filled with funny stuff August has said, stuff that's happened, memories to look back on later, happy silly things to make us smile and not have to feel so bad about that empty baby book my Mother-in-law gave us to fill for our son....EMPTY....friggin thing is empty! Lol.....Sorry Eleanor ;) Plus, it's entertaining for everyone else too, kids are soo funny!! I'm gonna copy over some of my Facebook status updates regarding things my little Googley-bear has said, and post completely new stuff as they happen.......enjoy! Lol ;) 

P.S: I apologize in advance for any bad grammar, spelling mistakes, or run on sentences, do try to remember that I may be posting something while my child is hanging off of my leg lol.